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Darwin: The City

The CBD is compact and easily walkable. There are really only 3 major streets that run parallel with around 3 main streets bisecting them. There is a fantastic park that is on the Esplanade of the City (the west side edge of the CBD) that runs along the coast. It is complete with jogging tracks, play grounds, plenty of points of interest, and gorgeous spots for sunset photos. At the south end of the park is a lush shady Tribute Park to Outstanding Territory Women. Just past the Tribute Park is the location of the Deck Chair Cinema which runs nearly every night- it generally runs art films that aren’t commonly seen in the main theatres of the Territory. There is a bar and seating is provided tickets around $11- the film listings can be found at Deck Chair Cinema.

At the North end of the Park is Dr’s Gully with Aquascene which is where you can go to feed the wild fish that come at each high tide. Next to Dr’s Gully is a Rock Climbing Gym! Kind of tucked away, this gym is built in an old water storage unit. Worth a look. Getting to the The Wharf Precinct is walkable via the Travellers Walk, which is behind the Council Building. Other things around town to see are the WWII underground oil storage tunnels, the casino, Smith Street Mall, Cullens Bay, Markets, shopping and more. There is a massive amount of tourist information available all over town.