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Sydney- Beer, Laksa, and a Show!

The Old Fitroy (Pub/Theater) 129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

This place is a Culture Vulture Backpackers dream. Ah, this place is just down right cool no matter who you are quite honestly. Where else can you get a Laksa+beer+theatre for $24! The Old Fitzroy is a fabulously seedy dingy little place that has creeky dark wood stairs, tiny little hall ways, 1970 furniture, pool tables, a whole thai kitchen smashed into a room that is about 1 meter square tucked under the stairs, and a theatre that produces plays from the next generation of upcoming writers!

This is Bohemian heaven. The theatre/pub is at the end of a dark street that is not far from Kings Cross, there are backpackers, theatre goers, drunks, and homeless people wandering around. The sound of broken glass under foot and the smell of human urine penetrate the senses as you walk towards the venue. While the area is basically safe, it is an inner city area and basic conciousness should be exercised. I would suggest probably not going there alone late at night.

However, the atmosphere inside is quirky and inviting, the laksa is steaming hot, fresh, and utterly delicious- it comes in several vegetarian and meat eaters flavours, you can upgrade the house beer to a better one or to a wine for about 2$. The theatre is tiny with scattered throw cushion for seats on the risers. Quite honestly this place has some of the best theatre I have seen in some time. The quality of writing and acting was absolutely top notch. An extraordinary evening and in my opinion- a “Must do” for anyone looking for a completely unique home grown experience that has a little dirt around the edges.