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Oz Survival Guide To Food- Ketchup

It goes without saying that The Aussies are a saucy bunch, however, for your own safety, there are a few things you need to know about their management, preferences and presentation of the local food and condiments. First in yet another series of Survival Guides.
First off- Ketchup- they don’t really have it. They have a similar substance called Tomato Sauce. (say it with the snobby tomahhhhto) Tomahhto Sauce, while it is different- it is basically Ketchup without the thickeners and the sugar. Not bad….most times. (You can get Ketchup in grocery stores if you must)
My main difficulty with the Tomahhhhto sauce is that they generally do not put bottles of the stuff in refrigeration. This allows the Tomahhhto Sauce to go bad or “off”. Most of the people I have confronted about this phenomenon, after having dosed my burger with fermented Tomato Wine, have stated simply that Tomato Sauce does not need to be refrigerated. Often when I point out the instructions on the side of the bottle that do clearly state- please refrigerate after opening, they simply shrug.
One of the cooler inventions these clever Aussies have come up with though is the sauce packet. Instead of the annoying little sachets that are difficult to tear and then you get a big blob, the land down under has created a neat and tidy sauce delivery system.
The little individual serving containers are meant to be used as following:
1) Hold packet between thumb and middle finger
2) Aim white side with writing at what you would like to sauce (not your inquisitive eye).
3) Squeeze the two little bubble saucey bits together with your fingers
4) This breaks the seal on the front and sauce comes in a nice thin stream out of the part that looks like a bird beak.
5) Spray as you prefer over your food.
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