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Northern Territory- Cooinda

An integral part of doing The Triangle is Cooinda. Cooinda – even though it is one of the more substantial dots on the map- is only an aboriginal cultural center, resort, and gas station. There is no town. Granted- it is a nice resort. Cooinda is known as the Home of Yellow Waters. All of the Wildlife Cruises on the Yellow Waters leave from here. Cruises run between 1.5 and 2 hours.

The Resort is employing Eco friendly waste and water management plans. Please help support them in their quest to preserve the very precious resources in this area by following their guidelines. The Cooinda lodge has hotel rooms, swags, powered and unpowered camping sites. They have a bar, bistro, and a full line up of entertainment with trivia nights, movies, and live music to add onto the wildlife cruises and aboriginal cultural experiences. Kakadu Rangers also give free talks in this area. Look for the information.