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Darwin- food intolerance info

Coeliac/Gluten Free General Note- While almost all of the Cafes/restraurants were knowledeable about Gluten Free requirements and quite good at working with you on gluten free products, the supermarkets have a very slim selection. If you like your toast in the morning I suggest bringing your own along. The Star City Casino staff was almost overly accomdating. I attended a meeting there every day for lunch for a week and was not relegated to a salad every day. The chef was not only catering for 150 prople, he also had 2 coeliacs and a vegan. I have found universally even in some quite outback regions you will read about later- everyone has been familiar with food intolerances and willing to make accommodations. Australia has very good labeling laws for potential allergens. I am always pleasantly surprised at how many of even the small cafe’s have some sort of a gluten free selection.