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Australian Slang. Translation Guide #3

dsc00900-1.JPGOne of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has so many terms that are completely unique to their part of the World. This is the third in a series to come. It is designed to help Aussies headed overseas and travellers coming to OZ alike. Feel free to add a few of your own in the comments section.

    Australian = North American Translation

  • Sunnies = Sunglasses! A necessity for life and fashion! The bigger the better at the moment.
  • Combi Van = Volkswagen type van. Think hippies. Little vans that have flat fronts and turn into a camper by night.
  • Mozzie = Mosquito. Grrr awful things that like to bite at 5:00 am right on your knuckle.
  • Loo Roll = Ha Ha Ha! Gotta love toilet humour! Seriously though, Toilet Paper Roll is the right answer. The thing that Men, regardless of the continent they live on, don’t know how to change.
  • Flippies = Flip Flops, Thongs (he he he that still makes me giggle)
  • Bikkie = A cookie. Generally a sweet cookie, but is sometimes used to describe a savoury cracker.
  • Pram = Baby buggy, stroller
  • Nappies = Diapers
  • NapiSan = Stain remover. Originally a brand for cleaning Nappies, it is now used by almost every household to make whites whiter and colors brighter….yada yada yada. It does seem to work.
  • Anti’s = Antibiotics. This is a new one to me but I heard two old ladies at a bus stop use it and thought it was funny.
  • Fly Screen = the screens that go on the outside of windows to keep bugs out and people in. A large number of apartments do not have Fly Screens. This makes it in your best interest to buy a Mozzie net to sleep under.

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