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Australia Day Havaiana Thong Challenge.

tc_mainpic-1.jpgHavaiana is an extremely popular brand of thong (flip flop…I do STILL giggle). Every Australia Day they put on the Thong Challenge. While most of you are envisioning the Thong Song with girls writhing in thong-like underwear on a beach, this is not quuiiiiiite that. It does still involve people being scantily clad on a beach, however, it involves attempting a world record for the longest line of airbeds! HA!
So thousands of people climb on their own personal flip flop shaped airbed, hold each others ankles and break a world record. Oh I know I know- I can hear the groans of disappointment from you men out there, but this event is still supposed to be absolutely a blast….and you get to keep the thong!
Do try and register on line ASAP. I hear it is difficult to register on the day. Venues: Dee Why Beach-NSW, St Kilda Beach- VIC, Glegelg Beach- SA, City Beach- WA, Palm Beach- QLD

The events will run simultaneously in NSW, VIC, SA, QLD and WA. Only one state can claim the new World Record. The entry fee is $35 (price includes exclusive Australia Day Havaianas inflatable thong). Even if you can’t get registered- come and support your state!
If you have participated in past years and already have a Pink, Green or Blue Havaianas inflatable thong, you can still participate for $10. Part of the entry fee will go to the Surf Lifesaving Club hosting the event in each state.
HOW THE EVENT WORKS according to Havaiana:
Entry is available online or by mailing in an entry form along with a cheque or money order. All registrations must be received by 24 January 2007.
All participants will have to be registered prior to entering the water. You will receive your inflatable Havaianas thong half an hour before entering the water.
dsc01811.JPGParticipants are required to wait on the beach prior to entering the water. Once everyone is in the water and in place we will start the record attempt. There will be a rope in the water for you to hold onto until you get the signal to hold onto the person’s ankles in front of you.
The line needs to be continuous – you need to hold the formation for 30 seconds. There will be 3 attempts to ensure that our attempt is valid.