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Aussie Translation Guide #2

dsc00900-1.JPGOne of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has innumerable terms that are as unique in the world as their very own Platypus (which I saw in the wild just recently- fascinating little creatures!). This is the second in a series to come. Feel free to add a few of your own in the comments section.

    Australian = North American Translation

  • Fair Dinkum! = Honestly! Truthfully! Used like “No way dude!”
  • Bottle-o = Liquor Store. They don’t sell beer in gas stations but they have drive through Bottle-os
  • Salad = crappy tomato, onion, a couple of whole leaves of lettuce (not torn up into bite size pieces), and maybe grated carrot or beetroot. Generally no dressing. Served on the side of most dishes.
  • Woop Woop = No not that! You dirty people! Woop woop is the middle of nowhere. Waaaay out in the country.
  • Sus = Suspect, Dodgy, Questionable. Usage- “That taxi driver seemed a bit Sus“.
  • Flat White = Basically a latte. Don’t let them fool you. Generally a few cents cheaper than a “Latte”
  • Scotch Fillet = pronounced Fill-it Think Fillet Mignon. You can also find Fill-it Burgers. If you say Fill-A they will look at you funny.
  • Chook = Chicken! Generally a whole chicken- live or roasted. Also a term of endearment.
  • Beetroot = Pickled Beet. They use it in place of pickles. Don’t knock it until you try it.
  • CBD = Central Business District, Downtown
  • Long Black = Double Espresso, sometimes with a shot of hot water.
  • Serv-o = Gas Station
  • Far Out = used in place of $#%%$^&(*&^!
  • Swimmers/Cossie = Swim Suit
  • Rashie = Rash Shirt. A lycra type top that is worn while surfing to prevent board “rash.” They are generally a 50+ UV protection material so most people have them, and wear them, to the beach, boating, etc. A MUST for children.
  • Boardies = Board Shorts. An absolute wardrobe necessity for men and highly suggested for women. Generally worn with a Rashie and Thongs… the kind you wear on your feet.

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