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Aussie Slang, How to understand Aussie #7

dsc01377-1.JPGOK so I haven’t written one of these in a while, and man are there some great Aussie-isms out there! I love the Aussie Translation Guide series. I hear-by promise to keep these coming. When you are traveling Down Under, you will undoubtedly hear slang that is very uniquely Australian. I provide this series to give you a fighting chance at understanding what is being said. Some slang phrases are pretty obvious, but others, you definitely need a translator. I picked a couple of particularly colorful ones today.

    Australian = North American Translation
  • Flat out like a lizard drinking = Really Busy. Pretty good visual on this one don’t you think? You also hear the shortened phraes Flat out. “I have been flat out at work lately!”
  • Cunning as a Dunny Rat = Really Cunning. Now I’m not sure that a rat who lives in a dunny (outdoor toilet) is all that cunning… but hey- who am I to judge?
  • Dry as a Dead Dingo’s Donger = Really Dry. He He He, poor Dingo…..
  • Mad as a Cut Snake = Really Mad. Pretty obvious here folks.
  • Stands out like Dogs Balls = Really Obvious. Oh I love this one! I’ve actually heard this one used in normal conversation. In Manly Beach there was a HUGE Blue Building (it has been repainted beige) that obstructs the view. Loads of people who talk about it- call it the Dogs Balls Building
  • Cross as a Frog in a Sock = Sounding angry. Can be a person or a piece of macinary that doesn’t sound good.
  • Fair Suck of the Sav = Exclamation of wonder, awe, disbelief. similar to “You don’t say” “No way”
  • Kangaroos Loose in the Top Paddock = Not quite mentally all there- a little crazy. “Woah! Bob’s got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock if you know what I mean….”
  • Who Opened Their Lunch? = Who farted? He He He- 8 year olds everywhere will be using this one!

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