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Aussie Art Films! Watch Out!


The Last Train To Freo

About a Suburb of Perth- Fremantle- lovingly known as Freo, the Critics loved this movie- It is an Australian film produced in Australia by Australians.

The Synopsis:
“At midnight, on a hot summers night, two ex cons board the last train to Fremantle. Bored, restless and looking for trouble, they start to poke fun at their mind numbing existence. Until a beautiful young law student, steps into the carriage, alone, and seemingly unaware that the guards are on strike.

But there’s more to this young woman than meets the eye. And when two other passengers join the train further down the line, the balance of power takes an unexpected twist.

Told in real time using one claustrophobic location, Last Train To Freo is a tense psychological drama about five people who discover they are not the people they think they are. It’s a story about class and prejudice, where perception seems more important than truth, and nobody knows who they can trust”