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Win a Chance to Follow the Qantas Wallabies on the Great Crusade

wallabiesThere’s a travel and sports competition out there right now that I thought you Rugby Union fanatics would like to know about. It’s called the Great Crusade, and by being a part of this competition you could win the ULTIMATE prize: the chance to tour New Zealand in one of 25 campervans, experiencing the thrill of travel and cheering on the Qantas Wallabies in the process!

Are you a Wallabies fan? Do you fancy adventure?

If you answered yes, then this competition is probably for you!

Twenty-five of the most fanatical teams will be chosen as winners, each given their own campervan to drive for 16 days in New Zealand, and each given the opportunity to bungy, climb, jump and jetboat some of the best parts of the country. It all starts on September 10th, so you should get yourself on the leaderboard sooner rather than later.

Yes, I know this contest is for New Zealand travel, but it is done in the name of the Wallabies and the World Cup!

Do I have to be a Wallabies fan?

Ah, good question! No, you do not have to be a Wallabies fan to join in the adventure, but you do have to be cool with driving a van that has Wallabies painted on it. Qantas and Tourism New Zealand are open to having supporters for many different teams join along on the adventure as it will just add to the fun.

How do I enter?

Just head on over to the Great Crusade website and add your team and a video. You get points for your entries and participating in other events along the way – and a couple of judges might have some say, too.

Did I mention it’s all expenses paid?!

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