skyrail to Kuranda
Kuranda is known as the “village in the rainforest” located about 30 kilometers northwest of Cairns. The scenic little village is home to a number of great tourist attractions like a koala park and a butterfly sanctuary, those of which, combined with cute cafes and local markets, can easily keep you occupied throughout a morning or afternoon. As unique as […]

Getting to Kuranda from Cairns (and return)

Bali is a South Pacific island that draws in the tourists like no other. And, now, with the whole “Eat, Pray, Love” epidemic sweeping across the world, it is even more popular, not just with Australians, but with those traipsing the globe on quick and long holidays. This Indonesian island is almost like paradise with a brilliant climate, colorful surrounds […]

Getting from Sydney to Bali

Anyone looking to make the most of their long, and sometimes costly, plane trip down to Australia should consider hitting up the local islands and countries that would otherwise be far, far away. Once you’re in Australia, there are a number of great locations in the South Pacific worth taking a quick hop over to, such as New Zealand, Bali […]

Getting from Sydney to Fiji