perth at night
Many options are available to travelers looking to get from the South Australia capital city of Adelaide to the Western Australia capital of Perth. Travelers can choose to fly (for the quickest and easiest option), take a long-distance train (for the most unique option), drive (for the more adventurous route) or hop on a bus (for a more hands-free overland […]

Getting from Adelaide to Perth

stuart highway
Adelaide and Darwin are on two separate sides, south and north, of central Australia. Even though getting from one to the other appears to be a somewhat straight line, don’t be fooled: That central part of the country is a place of uncertain, barren and unforgivable outback. Let’s not also forget about the massive size of Australia and how deceptive […]

Getting from Adelaide to Darwin

It’s not the most common route when traveling Australia, getting from Perth to Darwin, particularly because these two capital cities are two of the most remote in the country. The distance from Perth to Darwin as the crow flies is a lengthy 2,646 kilometers (1,644 miles), starting in the southwestern corner of Western Australia and ending up in the northern […]

Getting from Perth to Darwin