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rnp outlook
It is always refreshing to meet someone that is passionate about what they do. We sat outside the Garie Beach YHA in the middle of the night, turned the flashlights off and just listened. It was us and nature, and nothing else for miles. We waited for our eyes to adjust and that’s when Andy presented an impromptu soliloquy on […]

Seeing the Royal National Park Through the Eyes of a ...

eli creek
Day 2 of my Cool Dingo Fraser Island tour started early and was packed full of some spectacular stops. It was a day a little more of what you might expect when you think of the island as it was when we ventured up and down the Seventy-Five Mile Beach. >> Read about Day 1 of the Fraser Island adventure […]

Cool Dingo Tours: Day 2 of a Fraser Island ...

bus and dave
From the time I arrived in my hostel in Sydney back in early 2009, I had heard, read and seen about Cool Dingo Tours, so it was a big treat to be able to partake in one of their amazing tours on the great Cairns to Sydney road trip. Cool Dingo is a Fraser Island tour company that is targeted […]

Cool Dingo Tours: Day 1 of a Fraser Island ...

fraser bus
If you’re looking to explore the magical Fraser Island, you’re going to have to do it in a 4WD vehicle. There’s just no way getting around that point seeing how the island is a giant sand dune with no roads. So, if Fraser Island is on your list of things to do in Australia (and I highly recommend it is), […]

Options for Touring Fraser Island

fraser island
Fraser Island is one of the most popular islands in Australia, and just a popular tourist destination overall. Boasting crystal clear waters on white sand beaches, unique wildlife and a spectacular climate, it’s no wonder tourists flock in to see this World Heritage site. One of the unique features, besides packs of wild dingos roaming free, is the lack of […]

About Fraser Island: Fun Facts, History & More

peanut place
How can you not stop at a place with a giant peanut man out front? It’s just not possible, and it shouldn’t be. The Peanut Place is located in the Atherton Tablelands town of Tolga in the north of Queensland, and as you can guess, their specialty is peanuts. But, not just any peanuts. No, The Peanut Place is responsible […]

The Peanut Place is as Nutty as it Sounds

atherton tablelands
The Atherton Tablelands is an area in north Queensland spanning the region west and south-west inland from Cairns. It lies on a plateau giving it a climate conducive to farming various products from coffee to peanuts to plain old dairy. In addition to the weather, the area is also known to have very rich soil because of all the volcanic […]

The Atherton Tablelands & Its Delicious Attractions

self-portrait with fish
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most amazing living creations, and it is so large that it can be seen from space. You will definitely want a visit on your list of things to do in Australia, and Cairns is generally a popular spot to do it from. On the Cairns to Sydney road trip, a day […]

Visiting the Reef with a Sunlover Reef Cruise