Cape Tribulation Beach
With thousands of kilometers of shoreline surrounding the entire country, is it really possible to pick the top 6 beaches in Australia? I have been given the task, and I’ve gone back and forth on how I should choose for this post because… well… some beaches are great for certain things where others might be lacking. Do I go for […]

Photo Essay: Top 6 Beaches in Australia

sydney harbour bridge and opera house
It’s that time again to showcase this country through some of the photos submitted by you wonderful readers. Yes, Australia is big, and there really is just no way one person can capture and share it’s beauty. To help with this dilemma, I have started the Amazing Australia photo segment, 10 photos of which are presented below!   A great […]

Amazing Australia: 10 MORE Great Images from Travelers & ...

lone fish
I finally got to cross the Great Barrier Reef off my list this past month when I took a tour with Sunlover Reef Cruises in Cairns. Even though I only got to snorkel, it was an awesome experience, one which I’m glad I rented an underwater camera to capture. Here are 10 of the photos I snapped while on my […]

Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Photos

You could spend years exploring Australia and never truly see all that there is to enjoy. That said, how is one person ever supposed to cover it all in a guide? It’s just not possible, which is why I’ve started a new series allowing readers to submit photos of their own to show what they consider “Amazing Australia”.   Cooktown […]

Amazing Australia: 10 Great Images from Travelers & People Living ...

Here’s a shot we recently came across that we had to share. I’m a little disappointed with the effort that the T person put in compared to all the others, but not everyone can be a star, right?

Random Australia photo of the moment