South Australia

Adelaide is one of the unsung heros of Australia. In the central part of the country, it is often times not on the main tourist routes. If you have a bit of time and really like a city that has amazing markets, fantastic places to eat, unbelievable wineries, and phenominal natural attractions such as the Flinders close by, then Adelaide […]

Adelaide, South Australia: A Quick Guide to What’s On

A few months back I had a thoroughly enjoyable visit to South Australia. One of the places I stayed while on that trip was the lovely beachy little suburb of Glenelg. This is definately the “get away” location that isn’t really “away”. You can feel miles…or kiolmeters… away from home while still only being an old fashioned tram ride away […]

South Australia, Glenelg: the Manly of Adelaide

Here’s a post for you seasonal job seekers, science, and ecotourism lovers. Kangaroo Island is an extremely special place as many of my other posts have pointed out, but another one of the outstanding examples of why it is special is Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery. Run by Larry and Bev Turner, Emu Ridge, is the only commercial Eucalyptus Distillery in […]

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil Distillery

Major find! Tapas, Wine bar, and a super posh yet not expensive restaurant upstairs. I originally just stopped in for a glass of wine and was planning to go elsewhere for dinner. That plan went all wonderfully pear shaped (Aussie for “did not come to fruition” ). Thank goodness for that I might have missed some of the most amazing […]

Adelaide, Wine Bar and Tapas, The Apothecary

Tim Smith Grenache Mataro Shiraz 05′, Barossa Valley. Omigosh! Let me say that again. Omigosh! I realize that is not proper wine speak and I don’t claim to be a wine expert, however, it sums up the initial feeling that the wine created. Spicy, it completely coats the tongue with pepper and cinnamon. Make sure you get that nose in […]

Australian Wine Review- Tim Smith, Barossa Valley

One of the Highlights of visiting Kangaroo Island is the amazing amount of protected wildlife that can be seen in such a small place. The Star of the show, without a doubt, is the Platypus. These little guys are absolutely adorable, quite rare, shy, and their numbers are dwindling. If you would like to see one in its natural habitat, […]

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, How to see a Platypus

If you are going to fly all the way to Australia, do try and make some time to see Kangaroo Island. It may not be on the main tourist path but it is well worth your hard earned Travel time and dollars. Everyone I know that has gone there completely agrees. The island is an amazing piece of the Australian […]

Kangaroo Island, South Australia. How to Get There

2 hours south of Adelaide, Kangaroo Island is a venerable ecological utopia. The third largest island in Australia, 12 K from the mainland, it has managed to have an ecologically independent growth from even the mainland of OZ. As witnessed by many of the indigenous animals, most species have evolved just a little differently. This is a truly magical place […]

Kangaroo Island, South Australia. General Overview

Flinders Chase farm is a charming and comfortable place to crash for the night or a week. It is on the west side of Kangaroo Island almost at the entrance to the National Park. No matter your budget, Flinders Chase Farm has an ideal place to lay your weary head. Originally, and still, a working sheep station, Steven and Kerryn […]

Kangaroo Island Accomodation, Flinders Chase Farm

One of nine limestone stacks that made up the famous landmark off Australia’s surf-pounded southern coast collapsed into the Indian Ocean on July 3, apparently a victim of normal coastal erosion, leaving only eight stacks for tourists to gaze at. Even though there were only nine of the towering limestone outcrops off the coast of Victoria State, the formation was […]

Australia’s Apostles