Brwaack! Polly want a cracker? … Oh, wait. That’s for Talk Like a PARROT Day. Har Har Har! Well, Australia is a land that is surrounded by the sea and is rich with stories of daring sea exploration. So in honor of the day that all good fun loving people should enjoy! I dedicate this post to the silliest international […]

International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Avast ye Beauties!

OK- so you’ve arrived into Australia and you need to buy a few housekeeping items- Tupperware, toilet paper, cleaners, extension cords, etc. The first thing you will notice is how ridiculously expensive all the things are in the stores you are used to going to such as Target.

Australia- Moving in on a budget!

Happy International Talk like a Pirate Day! While this post has little to do with Getting Around Australia- it is Promoting the awareness of an International Holiday that is little known in the Land Down Under as well as giving most people a little giggle. September 19th- is as most of you know- International Talk like a Pirate Day. While […]

Har ye drivelswiggers from OZ!!

Taxis: For a taxi in Darwin a useful number is 08 8981 3777 or as in all Australian states you can call 131008. In Darwin, taxis only really work on a call out basis during the peak times of the year. Just because you are at a taxi rank- your chances of getting one are almost zilch if you don’t […]

Darwin- getting around town

The poor tree! Nothing is going to be old in Oz, shortly…. A SUBURBAN Melbourne council wants to save a 400-year-old gum tree standing in the path of a $2.5 billion tollway development. The Dandenong Council has lodged a last-minute application for a heritage listing, and it is taking legal action, to protect the gnarled red gum which started growing […]

400-year-old tree faces axe

There may have been an emphasis on cultural diversity, but Google is having a hard time attracting qualified females Down Under. Internationally, the search engine behemoth strives to employ workers from many backgrounds, a recognition that its customers also come from every background. In Australia it hired more than 10 engineers from five ethnic backgrounds – but despite its best […]

Google in need of the feminine touch

The combination of taking a call from India (and probably the fact telemarkers are annoying in general, plus their penchant for ringing at dinnertime, or obnoxiously early hours of the morning) has contributed to the stress of Indian call-center employees. “Australian accents – especially in working-class areas – are very difficult to understand. “The Australians then get frustrated because they […]

Australians Fed Up with Indian Spammers

Let the money-making begin! Actually, it’s been going on some time now with the whole Wolf Creek thing, but now the real-live players are diving into the ring. Joanne Lees will be ‘setting the record straight’ the murder of her boyfriend Peter Falconio. The book is to be published by a non-fiction producer, so hopefully that will keep the drama […]

Lees’ tell-all book set for Oct release