There’s an old joke about impressing an Aussie male that ends with the punchline, “show up naked with a 6-pack of beer”. And so as not to incur the wrath of my Aussie brethren, I’ll say nothing that suggests that this is a bad idea. But if streaking on a first date is not your cup of tea, then perhaps […]

How to Impress an Aussie Guy

Yes, that is right, it is Prime Minister John Howards 68th Birthday today. For those that don’t know who he is, The Australian Prime minister is equal to the President of other countries, making him the illustrious leader of this glorious upside down island. (he he he…he is the guy in the middle of the photo) So how will this […]

Happy Birthday John Howard!

Ah, the Aussies! Some very good research dollars have been spent by some of the World’s Top Neurosurgeons and the findings presented at a conference in Carins. Most of us believe that a big night drinking means a few less brain cells in the morning, but new research suggests this isn’t true. A conference of some of the world’s top […]

Australia in the News- Booze is Good for You

During the Tamworth Music Festival last January I had the great pleasure of going to watch John Williamson perform. I knew absolutely nothing about him other than a friend of mine had bought the tickets. I was thoroughly enchanted. Watching him on a big stage with nothing more than a chair, guitar, and his “campfire,” the crowd was completely transfixed […]

John Williamson- Aussie Exports to Look For

So you wonder Where in the Bloody Hell are you? Well if the answer is Australia then you should… no you are obliged… to order THE Aussie classic- the iconic- the massive- the BURGER WITH THE LOT! (unless of course you are a vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or just full…) The Burger with the Lot is more than just […]

The Aussie Classic – ‘Burger with the Lot’ Flag burner to be invited to markh in Anzac Day parade Drought to hit food prices Aussie bosses like the idea of a siesta Guide to an Aussie life- this is SOOO true…. he he! A few Excerpts… 9. The alpha male in any group is he who takes the barbecue tongs from the hands of […]

Daily Dose: Flags, Food, Funnies and finally… a Snooze

Driving drum and didgeridoo heavy beats complemented by delicate flute and dulcimer kisses, Jabaru is an energizing two person band- husband and wife team Rodger and Rene Bradshaw. Between them, they make more sound than seems possible for two people…

Aussie Exports To Look For

Happy International Talk like a Pirate Day! While this post has little to do with Getting Around Australia- it is Promoting the awareness of an International Holiday that is little known in the Land Down Under as well as giving most people a little giggle. September 19th- is as most of you know- International Talk like a Pirate Day. While […]

Har ye drivelswiggers from OZ!!