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Cooking classes in Australia range from one-off evening lessons to full-blown courses with the best of the best. Unlike places like Thailand or Italy, when you take a cooking class in Australia, you have the option of learning the recipes of a variety of cultures given the mixing bowl of nations that make up the country. You can learn Malaysian […]

Cooking Classes in Australia

Taking the time to learn about the Aboriginal culture is just as much an important experience as visiting the Great Barrier Reef or exploring the outback when taking a trip Down Under. Tropical North Queensland just so happens to be a part of the country that hosts a number of Aboriginal tours and experiences that enchant visitors and teach the […]

6 Aboriginal Tours and Experiences in Tropical North Queensland

prawns on the barbie
When it comes to experiencing the local culture, it really doesn’t get much more Australian than taking part in an Aussie barbie. For years now, it has been part of many jokes when talking about Australia for people to break out the old “throw another shrimp on the barbie” line brought about from a Paul Hogan advertisement in the early […]

The 1st Timer’s Guide to an Aussie Barbie

samson and delilah movie cover
In case part 1 of the movies about Australia series wasn’t enough, I’ve put together yet another list of movies that cover bits and pieces of the land Down Under. These movies are great for getting into the Aussie spirit or learning about the culture and history before heading out on your upcoming adventure! Samson & Delilah (2009) Samson & […]

Movies About Australia: Watch in Preparation for Upcoming Travels ...

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Sometimes, preparing for a trip can be half the fun of travel. The excitement, the research and the anticipation of knowing you’ll be jetting across the globe all combine to make a simple trip more of an experience. To help with this, I’ve compiled a list (with the help of my lovely Twitter friends) of movies that are about or […]

Movies About Australia: Watch in Preparation for Upcoming Travels ...

hannah demilta
The following is a guest post from Hannah DeMilta, an American expat living in the land Down Under. I moved to Australia almost nine months ago and started my new job with a digital marketing agency here in Sydney. I’ve enjoyed the experience of learning more about Australian culture through the workplace. There are some noticeable differences that I’ve seen […]

The Australian Work Culture

This is part of an ongoing series of posts on my favorite Aussie slang. Be sure to check back for updates, or subscribe to my RSS feed to get updates to your reader automatically. If you love Aussie slang, then you’ll probably find a bit of the surfie slang even more enjoyable. Remember how I talked about Aussie slang for […]

Favorite Australian Slang: Surfie Speak