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Camping in Australia

campsiteAustralia would be considered an outdoor country. Most of the wonders and attractions on this amazing continent are natural, so to be able to experience this country properly, you will typically have to get out in nature. In light of this, it would be no surprise that camping in Australia is such a popular accommodation and activity option for both tourists and locals alike.

Where to Camp in Australia

Campsites are plentiful in Australia, and these can range from basic sites to ones with swimming pools and all the amenities. You can typically choose from bush camping, camping at national park sites or camping in caravan parks. Each of these has its own benefits and costs involved.

  • Bush camping is camping in more remote areas that may lack facilities, but you are able to do so for free. There are generally fewer people, so you’ll have a chance to sit back and enjoy nature in peace.
  • National park camp sites will cost you a few dollars per night, perhaps between $5 to $10 AUD, but they may have some facilities on hand, such as running water and toilets. Of course, there is also the beauty of the national park to enjoy.
  • Caravan parks, or tourist parks, can range from basic to luxurious. There are typically powered and unpowered sites that are meant to accommodate both tent campers and campervan and trailer campers. Some locations have basic amenities like toilets and showers, while others will have full camp kitchens and water parks. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $35 AUD per night.

What It’s Like Camping in Australia

camping at caravan parkCamping in Australia varies depending on your style. For example, caravan and campervan camping is fairly comfortable and can almost be no different than home-life. On the other hand, tent camping (or open air camping) is a much more rugged experience, but the real hard part of it all comes down to the type of campsite you choose, as well as the location. In Australia, you have the option to wake up with a beach view or camp out under the outback stars.

Why Choose Camping

Camping over hotel and hostel accommodation is a great way to not only see what this country has to offer, but also to save some cash. Australia is definitely not a budget destination by any means, so if you can end up saving around $15 per person each night, then that is a hefty amount of money that can go towards your dream sky-dive, surf lessons or even just more days on the road.

Also, by camping, you get to be close to nature. There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sunshine on your face and the sound of kookaburras filling the air. Camping Australia is a must for anyone with a desire to get out of the city.

What You Need to Camp Australia

If you aren’t planning on using an Australia campervan for your camping needs, then the basics are going to be on the list. These include a good tent, a versatile sleeping bag and some good mozzie spray. If you want to expand on that, then you might be interested in a sleeping mat for more comfort, a camp stove if you aren’t planning to build a fire, and some cooler bags to keep food colder longer. Of course, this list will vary depending on the type of camper you are, as well as the area you choose to call home.

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Camping not the Australia accommodation type for you? Don’t worry; there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Just search below for availabilities.