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Spring Getaway Idea: Fulfill Your Great Barrier Reef Dream

shag carpet coralWhat better time than now to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and visit the Great Barrier Reef? It was actually mentioned the other day on the WhyGo Australia Facebook page that visiting this World Heritage site would be a dream come true for one future tourist, so why is it that so many people in this great country take its beauty for granted. It’s time to change that by planning for a quick spring getaway to the reef, and here’s how to do it.

Book a Flight to Cairns

There are several places in Queensland that you can use as a hub to visit the Great Barrier Reef (no, you can’t get a flight directly there), but a very popular choice is Cairns. So, for this trip we will recommend a flight to Cairns. To find your best flight options, use the handy search box below.


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Book Your Cairns Accommodation

For the hostel-loving types, there’s Calypso Backpackers and many other party hostels to choose from. Otherwise, you can search for a nice Cairns hotel using the search box below.

Book Your Reef Tour

You can book in advance, or you can wait until you get to Cairns and make your way to the Reef Fleet Terminal. I give a good write-up of my experience on a Sunlover Reef Cruise, and I also put up some of the amazing underwater photos I took while snorkeling. If you are interested in diving, it seems that many of these reef tours offer it on-board, or you can search out a company that deals with only diving to make your trip. Pro-Dive is a popular company to research when making your decision.

Pack the Itinerary

It’s that easy to make your dream of visiting the Great Barrier Reef come true, so hurry up and book your spring getaway plans to Cairns. It’s better to do it now before the stinger season starts up around November, and no one wants that annoyance getting in the way. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll be on your way. Happy travels!