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Free Things to Do in Brisbane

Brisbane is often a city that is overlooked on many trips to Australia, but travelers might be missing out on a chill and clean, modern city with a great atmosphere by doing so. We’ve already talked about the big things to do in Brisbane, and now we would like to present some FREE things to do. It’s not always about money when traveling, so here are the activities to take part in without spending the dough.

Animal Parks

Daisy Hill Koala Centre – The Daisy Hill Koala Centre has free entry into its park. It is housed on 435 hectares of eucalyptus forest in which many koalas live. The park is located 25 kilometers from the Brisbane CBD, and hours are from 10am to 4pm almost every day of the year.


Brisbane City Botanic Gardens – The Brisbane City Botanic Gardens neighbor the city center and the river. It’s an excellent place to have a picnic, read a book or take a walk when life gets a bit too hectic. The 20 hectares of lush greenery has been around since 1855.

New Farm Park – The New Farm Park is another great place to relax with a picnic. More than 17,000 people make it to the park located in the suburb of New Farm to take part in the facilities on offer. Those include tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts to name a few.

Roma Street Parklands – The Roma Street Parklands is 16 hectares of subtropical gardens. It contains artworks, walking paths, various gardens and even an amphitheater to enjoy.

Window Shopping

Queen Street Mall – Window shopping doesn’t cost money, and it is surprisingly fun (at least for us females)! Known for its fashionable shops, this mall has a draw of over 26 million visitors a year. The mall consists of several shopping centers and is a one-stop shop for clothing, jewelry, books, banks, food and more.


The Loop – Fancy a free bus tour of the city? If so, then hop on the loop, a free bus service that takes people to some of the most popular locations around the city. If you want to head to the Botanic Gardens, Queen Street Mall or King George Square, this can be a great, free ride.


South Bank Beach – The South Bank Beach is an interesting beach as it is completely manmade and the size of three Olympic swimming pool. Lifeguards are on duty every day of the week, and the facilities include showers and changing rooms.


Queensland Police Museum – Ever wanted to test your crime solving skills? You can do that for free at the Queensland Police Museum. Also included are several exhibits on police history, crimes and equipment throughout.

Queensland Art Gallery and Museum of Modern Art – If art is your thing, the art gallery is a must-visit. The buildings alone are architecturally stunning and located on the banks of the river. The galleries feature indigenous, Asian and Pacific art.

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