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How to Call Australia from Overseas

Are you considering catching a flight to Australia and need to contact hostels, Sydney hotels, potential employers or relos (relatives)? Are you confused by country codes and numbers for each major city? It can be frustrating trying to figure out what to dial when there are so many options, so here is a quick cheat sheet and a link to help you with ALL of your overseas calling.
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If you’re looking for international calling cards or cell phones, STA has a few on their website.

Getting Started Calling Australia from Overseas

  • First you dial the access code to make an international call.

In the US and Canada that is: 011
In the UK, Ireland, India, Germany that is: 00
In Japan that is: 010

  • Then you dial the country code for Australia, which is 61
  • Then you dial the area code for the Australian state you’ll be calling, which are listed below.
  • Then you dial the individual phone number, which is usually (but not always) 8 digits. If the individual phone number begins with a 0 (zero) you’ll normally drop that digit and start with the next one.

From the US: 01161 and then the Aussie number starting with Area Code. Example 01161 4 XXXX XXXX (Cell Phone)

  • From the UK: 0061 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From Ireland: 0061 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From India: 0061 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From Canada: 01161 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From Germany: 0061 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From Japan: 01061 4 XXXX XXXX
  • From Other Locations: click Here
  • To call from Australia to Overseas: Click Here

To Dial a State Land Line: Replace the 4 in the above numbers with the appropriate area code number below. Example: to call Sydney from the US, dial 01161 2 XXXX XXXX.
Area codes for The Australian States:

  • South Australia (Adelaide): 8
  • Northern Territory (Darwin): 8
  • Western Australia (Perth): 8
  • Queensland (Brisbane): 7
  • Tasmania (Hobart) : 3
  • New South Wales (Sydney): 2
  • All Cell Phones: 4
  • ACT (Canberra): 2
  • Victoria (Melbourne): 3

Special Note: Australian telephone numbers including area code can have as little as 5 and as many as 15 digits