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Cheapest Cities to Fly Into In Australia

We often get asked, what’s a good price for Australia airfare? To which we promptly reply, well, where are you coming from? And, the somehow less-obvious question: where are you going?

Sydney airfare and air tickets to Melbourne are generally the most inexpensive routes to take heading Down Under. There tends not to be much a price difference between them – around $100 AUD. Brisbane air tickets are only nominally more expensive.

Unless you are venturing from Asia, travel to other major cities like Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Adelaide, Hobart and Cairns is on the pricier side (click here for prices to these cities). There are simply less flights heading in and out of these towns and/or they are further away.

Most backpackers choose to fly into the cheaper cities on the East Coast and then travel overland or purchase intercountry flights to other destinations.

Large gateway cities with multiple flights offer the best deals on tickets to Australia – London, Cape Town, Bangkok, Bali and Los Angeles are all good departure points. From the United States, expect to pay upwards of $2,000 US during peak holiday season and fares as low as $600(!) US when the weather isn’t a nice and the crowds are thinner.