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Australian Translation Guide #4

dsc00900-1.JPGOne of the fun things of Travel is learning the local lingo. Australia has many terms that are completely unique to their part of the World. This is the fourth in a series to come. It is designed to help Aussies headed overseas and travellers coming to OZ alike. Feel free to add a few of your own in the comments section.

    Australian = North American Translation

  • Wonky = He He. I love this game. Wonky is a great word to describe anything that is a bit off. You can be wonky if you are hung over, a car can be wonky of there is something wrong with it, a throw in a game of catch can be a bit wonky if it misses it’s target.
  • Mo = Moustache. This one definately made me giggle. At first I thought it was a Radio-DJ-made-up-thing. Back in November they had MOvember where many men grew out moustaches for Men’s Health Awarness month. They then had friends bid to do good community deeds in order to get them to shave the Mo’s off at the end of the month. But NO! it IS actually a term the Aussies use to refer to a moustache. “Hey dude, that’s like a nice Mo!”… Mo man responds…” You Reckon?” GizMO: any gadget designed to technologically enhance a moustache’s splendour (An excerpt from the MOxford Dictionary click for more MO words….)
  • Reckon = Helllooooo Redneck USA! I felt like such an imposter the first 3000 times I said Reckon. It’s not a widely used term in the States, but it is VERY widely accepted in OZ. It is actually part of everyday speech. To figure, To guess, To agree, To think something to be so. Usage: “Geee Bobby that boat looks like it is going to crash into us!” Bobby Responds….”You Reckon?”
  • Lush = Very Rich, Posh, Delicious, Over the Top. David and Posh Beckham’s welcome to LA party should be Lush
  • Beer Snake = “Guzzle Guzzle Guzzle”… oh sorry- just finishing a beer to add to the snake. The infamous phenomenon that goes hand in hand with a day watching the Cricket. A long stack of beer cups collected from everyone around your immediate area. The idea is to make a longer snake than the other sections around you before security comes and takes it away. A great way to keep yourself and others entertained while pretending to watch Cricket. Click here to see a picture of a history making Beer Snake

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