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Arrival into Australia- What you need to know about Customs

dsc00392-1.JPGYou did it! You booked your ticket, survived the flight, and are here! You are excited and ready to meet a person who actually uses G’day as part of their everyday speech. All Right…you are still in the Airport… but here’s a few tips on how to get yourself and your luggage out as smoothly as possible. Ready, Set, Que.
Duty Free– If you haven’t managed to be tempted by cheap booze, silk and perfume at one of the outlets in your home country or on the plane, Australia gives you one more chance…..As you arrive, there is a huge Duty Free Store before you even make it to Immigration. Ask about the quantity limits.
Immigration– this line is an interesting place to observe humanity in it’s disheveled, disorientated and unwashed glory. The line does generally move pretty quickly. You will need your passport (with appropriate Visa already in place) and the arrival card that was supplied to you on board your plane. Australian and New Zealand Passport Holders to the left, all Others to the right. You MAY NOT!!!!! use a cell phone in this area. You will be severely scolded if you try.

Baggage pick up– There are TV screens displaying the flight numbers to designate where to find your bags. Trolleys are available free of charge. They make life MUCH easier. Oversize baggage will be at the designated counter. In Sydney this is to the front and right.
Customs– Basically always declare something when arriving in Australia. They pretty much x-ray every bag. If you haven’t declared things they will be very unhappy, fine you and confiscate your treasures. Wooden items, sporting goods/hiking/camping equipment with soil attached, food items containing egg, and natural products like seeds and shells will delay you getting through. Just pack them in an easily accessible area in your luggage and be prepared to show them. Most times it will not be a big deal as long as you have declared it.
The Meet and Greet– There is a huge mass of people waiting to meet people. It is pretty confusing to navigate. If you are meeting people, just walk kind of slowly. If you are headed to transport options just carefully push your way through.
Welcome! You are here at last!
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