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The ‘Green Bag’ phenomenon

dsc00107.JPGWant to be part of the cool crowd? Want to fit in like a local? Seriously- to go to the beach, to a rugby game, to the grocery, on the train… you can’t live without… A green bag! The Aussies have really put together a great to drastically reduce their plastic bag usage. There is a national push to convert to “green bags” or reusable grocery bags. These are wonderfully useful. Everyone carries everything in them all of the time!

There is no stigma carrying one anywhere in Australia and it really is making a huge difference in the country. When you go shopping for anything. Don’t forget to bring your green bag (or any bag for that matter) and tell them you don’t need the plastic bag. The Aussies basically expect it. In some parts of the country they have adopted the green bag culture so intensely (Sydney is one of those areas) that the stigma is now to carry a plastic bag. Far less likely to be a target for thieves than an expensive looking camera bag the ‘green’ bags are now also available in your favorite sporting team colors and usually are $1-$2 available at grocery stores and many other locations. Help protect the oceans, reduce pollution, and fit in like a local!