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The Aussie Classic – ‘Burger with the Lot’

20060408203039180_2.jpg So you wonder Where in the Bloody Hell are you? Well if the answer is Australia then you should… no you are obliged… to order THE Aussie classic- the iconic- the massive- the BURGER WITH THE LOT! (unless of course you are a vegetarian, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or just full…)

The Burger with the Lot is more than just a meal, it is an institution. Just imagine a nice hot day at the beach, you’ve been surfing/swimming in the ocean all morning, you are STARVING! This is where the Burger with the Lot comes to your rescue.

An opportunity to get most of your food groups in one- it will be loaded with- the burger (duh), cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup (tomato sauce, mustard, and…..are you ready for it… egg, bacon, and beet root! Beet root to you North American types is pickled beets. Those things your grandmother used to make and force you to eat…. the Aussies love em! Instead of nice green little pickles- you will get a slathering red piece of beet. The size of the burger alone makes it an adventure to eat but the addition of the beet root makes it an extreme sport.

Honestly- the Burger with the Lot is AWESOME! It is a massive meal but ooohhhh myyyy. it is goooooood! mmmm I am drooling already. Definitely try one. (Food intolerant folks- just order it without the offending part) You can find them almost everywhere.

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