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Australia in the News- Booze is Good for You

8569f37c01.jpgAh, the Aussies! Some very good research dollars have been spent by some of the World’s Top Neurosurgeons and the findings presented at a conference in Carins.
Most of us believe that a big night drinking means a few less brain cells in the morning, but new research suggests this isn’t true. A conference of some of the world’s top neuroscientists in Cairns has heard that there is no evidence drinking alcohol leads directly to the death of brain cells.
In fact, research by Queensland Brain Institute director Professor Perry Bartlett and his team has found that new brain cells are generated every day and alcohol in moderation can have a positive effect.
“Some of the best studies, done in Italy, show a bottle of wine a night can reduce the risk of dementia in old age,” Professor Bartlett was quoted as saying in the Daily Telegraph.
Glass of wine anyone?

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