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Driving drum and didgeridoo heavy beats complemented by delicate flute and dulcimer kisses, Jabaru is an energizing two person band- husband and wife team Rodger and Rene Bradshaw. Between them, they make more sound than seems possible for two people… Using every appendage possible, they each play several instruments at once. More impressive, unlike most small two person bands- they do not use a track to back them. All sound is live and made by their 4 arms, 4 legs and two mouths. Their music would broadly fall into the category of World or Tribal- strong on didgeridoo and drums, however they have mixed in Irish influences, flute, soprano sax, and a dulcimer! They are currently a fixture at the Mindil Beach Night Markets in Darwin, however, they do travel to other festivals and live performances. Cleverly mixed between driving beats and melodic numbers, their music is captivating to listen to or watch live. It will infiltrate your soul and make your feet itch to move. It is now a standard road trip/driving CD for me. The man selling their CDs as I hummed and hawed over which one to get said to me- “don’t worry- you’ll be back to get the rest of them at some point- everyone does…” you know what! He was right! (I started with their latest CD- Indigo)