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Sydney- Harbour Bridge Climb

copy-of-dsc00841.JPGGet ready to don a grey jumpsuit, harness, headphones, and do The Climb of Your Life as you conquer one of Australia’s greatest icons. Since 1998 almost 2 million climbers have taken part in the 3.5 hour guided journey.
Dawn, day, twilight and night climbs are available. The bridge you are getting ready to summit is over 52,800 tonnes and is the largest single span steel arch bridge in the world. In order to reach the 134 metre peak, you will climb ladders, catwalks and staircases. Moderate fitness is required.
Wear suitable enclosed rubber soled shoes, avoid alcohol (they take a test), be ready to put a jumpsuit over your regular clothes, and allow 3.5 hours. Lockers are available since you will not be allowed to take anything- including cameras or phones- on the climb. All Climbers receive a certificate of accomplishment and a commemorative photo. Be aware- the bridge climb operates in all weather except electrical storms. Your ticket is booked for and is only good for a specific time and date.
Carrie from Businesstravellogue just did the climb while she was visiting down under. She said it was worth the time and money (around $169).
Tickets (02) 8274 7777 or
5 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000