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Melbourne! Fairy Penguins

dsc00378.JPGPhillip Island in Victoria is the Home of the Little Penguin- previously known as the Fairy Penguins. Personally I like the first name. While I was down visiting Melbourne for work- I did one of those day tour things that packs you on a bus and wizz’s you around to many of the sights. One of the items on this particular tour was to go see the fairies…. (penguins)

The penguins are actually located many places along the Eastern Coast but Phillip Island has a great facility for viewing the nightly parade. They are soo cute- only about a foot tall- they waddle along- bellies full of fish. They will wait at they surf line until enough of a group gathers to “sneak” ashore. This is ABSOLUTELY hilarious!

They gather into a group and begin their “sneak” if anything spooks them- they make a mass exodus back into the water at the speed of light- only to do it all over again. The cute little guys can be at sea for up to 3 months at a time. dsc00374.JPG So when they come ashore- they are ready for a little lovin’. They find their partners- hit the apartment… and “do it like they do on the discovery channel”. He He- they are really loud about it as well. They don’t allow photography of the actual “parade” but would let you take pictures in the visitor center.

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