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The Perth City YHA: A Hostel You Could Call Home

Perth City YHAAs a backpacker, you can be sure I’ve stayed in my share of hostels around the world. Some are good, some are disgusting; others are small and home-like while the rest are gigantic and impersonal. If you’re lucky, you might be staying in a hostel that has dorm bungalows set in tropical rainforest (those are nice).

I generally know what I like in a hostel, and it is usually small and clean where meeting other people is almost necessary. The big chain hostels often have a way of being too separated: Everyone is going about their own way and if you travel alone, then the hostel may not be the best way to meet others.

However, the Perth City YHA has a few things that many other big chain hostels don’t, and that totally made up for its massive, hotel-like size. Here are some of the features about the hostel that made me like the place so much and even consider setting up shop there for longer if I had the time:

The Building

reading room
The Perth City YHA is located in an old-style, renovated 1940s art-deco building directly on Wellington Street (just 5 minutes from the train station). Just by the description you can tell that this building is probably big with heaps of character, which is very true as it comes with dark, wooden floors and giant staircases. There are numerous nooks and crannies to discover, some of which are homes to reading rooms, a gym and even lounges perfect for movies.

The Kitchen

perth yha kitchens
Or, should I say kitchens? One of my biggest pet peeves in a hostel is not being able to get in a kitchen to cook dinner because there just isn’t enough room. Going hand-in-hand with that problem is when the kitchen is just downright dirty. Not here. There are multiple (four!), spacious kitchen areas in the Perth City YHA, each having multiple stoves so you would rarely have to wait your turn. And, the cleanliness was beyond fantastic for the two days I was around.

The Gym

perth yha gym
Your bed fee at the Perth City YHA comes with free access to a gym that’s actually in the facility itself. That speaks volumes. If you are ever looking for a hostel to spend a bit more time in on your Perth journey, then I highly suggest this one because you at least have a free place to work off those “fun” calories put on after nights out or after taking the amazing Liquid Gold Brewery Tour in the Swan Valley. It may not be the most massive gym, but there are plenty of machines and equipment to keep you busy.

The Space

perth yha outdoor space
Even though this hostel is fairly big with heaps of guests, you will never really feel crowded. There are plenty of cool little hangout areas to totally kick back and relax without getting your toes stepped on. There are balconies, a game room, a computer room, a reading room, a TV room, a large dining room, a bar, a lobby and then some to choose from when you just need to get some personal space.

The Bar/Cafe

perth yha bar
I really enjoyed that a bar/cafe/place to get a hot meal was located within the actual hostel. Often times, there may be a bar located externally from the facility, and it can then be booked up with plenty of non-travelers because of it. That point is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you’re traveling yourself and perhaps looking to meet others in the same boat, having it in the hostel makes it easier.

Final Thoughts

perth yha laundry
The location of this hostel is super convenient, but then again, not much in Perth is inconvenient. The facilities were clean and spacious, and I additionally enjoyed the amenities. Security lockers are provided in all rooms, so be sure to bring a lock, while the entry to rooms and bathrooms is managed by key cards.

To be honest, I was a little concerned when I first arrived and saw a massive amount of tradies (construction workers) hanging out at the hostel bar. I thought this might end up being a place that is booked up with a large group of tradie guys looking for cheap accommodation, but I think it was just a good place for them to grab lunch. There was heaps of construction work going on in Perth when I was there.

The Perth City YHA was a pleasure to visit, and for those searching around Perth for jobs on their working holiday visas, I would recommend this as a place to call a temporary home (especially with the gym access).

My stay with Perth City YHA was provided free of charge, but the thoughts and ideas in this post are my own.