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Where to Stay in Port Douglas: The Thala Beach Lodge

thala beach lodge lobbyThe Thala Beach Lodge in Port Douglas literally took my breath away. I know that, while on media trips, it can be hard for someone to be completely objective on certain attractions and hotels. And, on the trip where I stayed at the Thala Beach Lodge, we stayed at a number of high-end hotels in north Queensland where half were overly amazing and the other half were not as spectacular in comparison, but still good hotels. The Thala Beach Lodge I can easily classify into the amazing category and speak freely of its quality surroundings as it is a place I would recommend to friends, and even return to myself.

The entrance to the 5-star hotel itself is impressive. The open-air plan combined with a towering staircase that takes you to the second level — planked with wooden beams on floor and ceiling with white accents — sets the mood as grand.

Situated in tropical rainforest near the coast, and on top of a hill, the grand mood is exacerbated by the view. You will sit and sip on your welcome beverages with uninterrupted views across treetops all the way to the bright blue Coral Sea. It is this same view you can indulge in over dinner at the Ospreys Restaurant or even from your private suite.

ospreys restaurant thala beach lodge

There are four accommodation types at the Thala Beach Lodge: the Sandpiper Suite, the Coral Sea Bungalow, the Eucalypt Bungalow and the Jungle Walk Bungalow. Book the Coral Sea or the Eucalypt Bungalow as room-only or all-inclusive rates. The all-inclusive option offers a number of add-ons to spice up your stay including: airport transfers, welcome drink, a la carte dinner, breakfast and more.

The location also provides opportunities for unique on-site activities, such as birdwatching, nature walks, sea kayaking and star watching. I was lucky enough to take part in the evening star gazing, which let me greet a sky filled with more stars than I’ve ever seen before. Even better is the guide that helps point out the constellations to people like me who would otherwise have no idea.

Other resort amenities include private sandy beaches, a currency exchange, adventure desk, art gallery and a golf course within 10 minutes.

The Thala Beach Lodge has also been featured as a top location in north Queensland for a destination wedding.