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Cheap Hotels in Cairns

Cairns is the popular beach getaway to the north, giving visitors access to the tropical waters and rainforests that help make Australia unique. Since there’s plenty of things to do and spend your money on here, you’ll want to save money by looking for cheap hotels in Cairns.

For a typical mid-range hotel in Cairns, you can expect to spend anywhere from $90 to $160 AUD per night. High end places will set you back around $180 AUD per night and more, but of course you can always get cheaper if you’re willing to stay further outside of the city center. This probably depends on whether or not you will be driving a car or a campervan at the time of visiting.

This is a great hub for getting to the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the Daintree Rainforest and just plain relaxing, and it is easy to get to with budget flights and Australia cruises to Cairns. Once in the city, most everything important – hotels, pubs and restaurants – is within walking distance.

If you’re on an even more extensive budget, then why not check out some of the party hostels in Cairns. These places will save you money and help you have a wild time!

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