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Cheap Hotels in Brisbane

Brisbane is the bigger, business city in the state of Queensland that acts as more of a hub for travelers looking to get to Fraser Island or the Gold Coast. However, there is a charm to be found if you decide to stick around in this city.

Cheap hotels in Brisbane can range from near $100 to $165 AUD for a mid-range place, but these are more likely to be scattered around the outskirts of the city. You’re best bet is to search out a room that is near either a good bus or train stop to get around quickly. Higher end hotels are more likely to be found near Brisbane’s city center, which is common of most of the major cities in Australia.

It is also an idea to test out some of Brisbane’s lively suburbs, such as “The Valley”, for something that’s not too far and still has a lot going on in terms of restaurants and things to do in Brisbane.

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