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Booking an Australia Hostel

hostelHostels in Australia are all over the place, and there are some fantastic places to stay. If you’re trying to book your hostels before you go, though, it can be frustrating to navigate through all the different hostel booking sites out there. It’s even harder to pick one when you realize that the same Australia hostels are listed over and over again on the different sites.
Because many of the properties listed on each site are the same, what can you look for on the different sites to decide which one you prefer? You can consider the following – Does the website have good maps and directions from the hostel to public transportation and major sights? Does the site list options of things to do when you’re visiting Australia? Does the site have reviews of hostels and photos of hostels so you have a better idea of what you’re booking?
Here are some of the booking sites to look at when you’re hunting for the perfect hostel in Australia.
HostelBookers doesn’t have entire countries covered, but it does have the hottest cities on a backpacker’s itinerary – including Sydney:
TheBestHostels – Sydney
For more information on hostels check out