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Tipping in Australia

tipping in AustraliaTipping could be one of the most frustrating parts of traveling if you forget to research the practice beforehand. I’ve been in the situation one too many times where I was left questioning whether or not I should be leaving a tip in a foreign country that I now make it an item on my pre-travel checklist. To help you with your upcoming trip to Australia, I give you this little bit of knowledge: tipping in Australia is not a common practice.

Waitstaff, bar staff, hair dressers and other individuals in the service sector are paid a reasonable wage, unlike in America and other tipping countries. Tipping is not expected in these sectors unless you are exceptionally pleased with your service, dine for a long period of time or have a large group of people. In this case, rates of 10% or less can be given, or simply leaving the change can be acceptable.

Cafes, bars and restaurants tend to pool their tips as well, meaning that any tips that are given to employees are dispersed to all.

Taxis do not expect a tip for their services either. However, it can be courteous to leave the change if pleased with your ride and driver. The same rule of thumb goes for people who deliver packages, carry your bags or other similar services.

Australian Customer Service

Australian customer service is known for being extremely “relaxed”, but if you are not expecting it, you may think that the people are a little on the rude side. Unfortunately, it can be common practice, even in finer establishments, so just be aware that this is part of the Aussie way of life and not because they don’t care about your business. Businesses are becoming more and more aware of this cultural difference and many are making improvements in the service sector.

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