About WhyGo Australia

About WhyGo Australia

WhyGo Australia is a part of the BootsnAll Travel Network, a collection of travel websites designed to help you get from wherever you are to all the places you want to go in the world. WhyGo Australia has everything you need to plan your trip to Australia, including how to get there, how to get around, where to stay, and what to do. It’s your one-stop Australia travel guide.

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About Your WhyGo Australia Expert

Brooke Schoenman
twitterpicsmallBefore Brooke ever set foot outside the country, she always had the idea in the back of her mind that she would one day call Australia home. It may have taken a while to get there (the world is a big place), but Brooke is happy to have lived in the amazing city of Sydney for over a year now.




Australia has a life all its own. Based on an incredible mixture of culture, beaches, wildlife and weather, there’s no wonder why so many people fall in love with it on their travels; Brooke happens to be another name on that very long list. Even though she hasn’t been everywhere in this expansive country (yet), Brooke is still able to bring a wealth of information on Australia to the table, spawning from her personal travel experiences, in addition to the experiences and advice of backpackers, locals and travel professionals alike!

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