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Waugh! Wo,wo,wo

what is he good for? You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of Australian sport when the 12th Man, Billy Birmingham takes the piss out of you. Australian test cricket batsman Steve Waugh reached that pinnacle many years ago and yesterday announced a landmark of another sort. The most successful cricket captain of all time will retire after the final test […]

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2004

Australia Day Long Weekend January 23 – 26 If you’re looking for something to do around the Australia Day weekend, you might consider this three day outdoor dance/music/healing festival just outside of Melbourne. Here’s their promo material: Collective Vision: Experience – Live – Grow The Rainbow Serpent Festival returns again for another summer outdoor extravaganza of music, dancing, arts, camping […]

The Invisible Man

After the nightclub incident involving my glasses and the dancefloor, I went down to the local shopping mall to scope out the scene on new lenses and potentially frames. There’s 5 optometry stores in this mall and I worked my way through all of them. In all but the very last one, I was completely ignored by the staff. No […]

Casualties of War

It was a great night to be an Australian, as the Wallabies suffocated the All Blacks in an against-the-odds semi-final win in the Rugby World Cup. In the aftermath in the pub I watched it in, everyone was everyone’s mate. English fans dressed in red & white were backslapped and told “We’ll see you next week!” Kiwi fans were given […]

Travel Writer Peter Moore

Peter Moore has a few Australian and New Zealand speaking events for his new book, Vroom with a View. For the Brisbane event, if you mention that you saw it in Peter Moore’s newsletter, you get a $2.50 discount. Here’s where you can see him:

The ATO bites

Dirty f*kin’ f*kers!!!!!!!!!!! I have a STOOPID little tax debt – my HECS [Higher Education Contribution Scheme] debt [the privilege for gaining a university education]. Being out of the country for 7 years, it’s accumulated interest and is now higher than what it was when I graduated [about 7 grand]! Anyway, a percentage gets taken out of my pay each […]

My dog the pig

Yes, that’s the right, the adorable chocky lab… that I dearly love and adore… is a bloody pig! He’s a puppy so he eats like it’s his last meal. He’s a lab so he eats like it’s his last meal. He’s a dog… That’s all fine and dandy, but I know this, so know when to say ‘no’ to those […]

Workin’ on the Land

For some reason I thought that heading out to my brother’s house in Kingaroy would be a relaxing weekend, watching some rugby, drinking a few beers, hanging out with my nephews and niece. What I didn’t think about was that he lives on 5 acres and, in my brother’s words, living on that much land is “90% maintenance”. For example, […]