Darwin- Mindil Beach Night Markets

mindil1Glorious from the first to the last second, the sunsets in Darwin are almost a religion all of their own. Everyone, tourists and local alike, are out on the streets or at the beach to witness the sun slipping behind the opaque golden surface of the ocean almost everyday. Thursdays and Sunday’s the Church du jour for food, fun, and paying homage to sunsets is the Mindil Beach Markets located on the shores of Mindil Beach.

The Mindil Beach Markets are an absolute institution for everyone in Darwin. The local couple I went with helped introduce me to the layout. There are clothes, art, bands, buskers, and tons of food booths. For food you will be overwhelmed by the smell and sights of everything from grilled croc, to Halal beef satay, to African speciaties, a booth from Timor, Japan, your general fried market fare, and everything in between.

Bring a chair if you have one- or be prepared to park it on the grass. BYO Alcohol. Please be warned, food is not really allowed onto the beach. Please be respectful of the natural beauty of the place and finish your food and properly dispose of the serving dishes before you head to the beach to be wowed by the intense deep reds, yellows and purples of the sky contrasted against the gleaming white sails of boats passing by.




The arts side of the markets was of good quality as well. Handmade original designer clothes, really imaginative terracotta hanging candle holders, all kinds of aboriginal art, Mac’s whips with a ring to let any one literally have a crack at it- much to the pleasure and amusement to the crowd. Apparently making a whip crack is not as easy as it looks.

Excellent electrical atmosphere. The music, smells of food, reasonable prices, mesmerizing sunset, death defying fire shows, and the jovial nature of the crowd make this a magical night for kids of all ages. There is a lady that does these fabulous wrap around skirts. Perfect for travel- not your typical wrap around- $39, A line shape. I bought 2! “Gita” brand name.


2 thoughts on “Darwin- Mindil Beach Night Markets

  • Taimi

    My kids absolutely loved the Mindil markets. The mango smoothies and prawn satay sticks, the music and the balmy weather – it was a real treat. We completely loved Darwin actually. It was a very relaxed place, easy to navigate and the nice green gardens and beaches with bike tracks were welcomed after the long drive north through the red dirt of central Australia. Shortly after we arrived in the caravan park a huge shiny black bus pulled in, towing a brand new Volvo station wagon so they took up alot of room. The driver was seated in leather recliner chair and when they set up one side of their bus expanded electronically to give them even more space. My kids floated in the pool looking on in awe at this set up. We kind of thought it defeated the purpose of vanning Australia but each to their own. Anyway the family in the bus came for a quick swim and were then off to the Mindil markets. They had to order a taxi to take them there because “it takes too long to unhitch the car from the back”. We all laughed and wondered how much use they had got from towing that big trailer around Australia!!!

    We loved our adventure so much that I wrote and ebook on travelling Australia with kids and now many people have enjoyed our experience as well.

    Happy travels!

  • mikayla

    i would like to know some history about mindil beach markets, but other wise i love the markets!!

    local darwinian! 😀

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