Aussie Slang

Every since Crocodile Dundee, Americans/Yanks have been fascinated with Aussie slang and accents. The first time I came to Oz in 1994, I could not understand the guy behind the hostel desk. Spanish was easier for me to comprehend at that point….On this trip, I have learned a few terms that are worth a laugh.

General tips: Add the letter “o” on the end of a word or cut off the last syllable and add a”ie”

Toey = Horny
“Toey as a roman sandle”

rat shit = something that is not good
“Zimbabwe are absolute rat shit at Cricket”

Beer Wench = Bikini wearing female that gets beers at the Cricket for a group of guys
“Beer Wench! Another round for the boyz!”

Slab of piss = a carton of beer (24)
“Let’s pick up a slab of piss on the way back from the gym”

Bludger = a lazy person
“Warnie’s a real bludger fat arse, isn’t he?”




Chook = a chicken
“Cut the head off the chook so we can get tea started”

Root (verb and noun) : synonym for f*ck in nearly all its senses: “I feel rooted”; “this washing machine is rooted”; “(s)he’s a good root”. A very useful word in fairly polite company. (taken from this site)

Crack a fat = getting a hard on
“Did you crack a fat when she walked in?

Dog’s balls = sticking out, obvious
“Dad’s wall sticks out like Dog’s Balls”

Ice block = ice cream bar/popsicle
“get me an ice block at Woolies’s, would ya?”


White pointers = breasts (female)
“Check out those white pointers”

togs = swimsuit
“Get your togs on, we’re going to the beach”

jumper = sweatshirt
“Put your jumper on

ponce = wuss
“That bloke in the bright red car is a real ponce”

7 thoughts on “Aussie Slang

  • eb

    Pat yourself on the back, you got a spit take from me with “dog’s balls.” Now I gotta clean the Fresca off my monitor.

    BTW, bikini’d beer wenches? I may have to reevaluate my stance on cricket!

  • Chris

    For example, that bloody Eiffel Tower on Park Rd, Milton sticks out like dog’s balls. Especially since there are Italian cafes underneath it.

    And EB, sorry to say that there has been a ban imposed on beer wenches. It has been forced underground. Sean and I went to a one-day game yesterday and I saw plenty of women doing shuttle runs to and from the bar with beer, but they dressed much more conservatively.

  • eb

    No worries. Any sport that involves beer is still ok in my book. Of course I think softball and rugby are the only sports in which the players are usually drunk…

  • eb

    IMHO “Sport” requires a team, a ball (or puck), and drunken fans (and/or players). Oh, and a stick is desirable in porportion to the frequency it is used to assault other players and/or drunken fans.

    Darts is merely a clever ruse allowing one to drunkenly wing sharp pointy things at complete strangers without subjecting oneself to arrest.

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