Australia Blog Roundtable: Why I Love Australia

This is the first post in a new feature on WhyGo Australia called the Australia Blog Roundtable. For the roundtable, I’ve joined forces with other Aussie lovers and bloggers — yTravelBlog, Nomads Hostels, Hostelworld and Australia Rocky Travel — to touch on a specific topic from our own unique perspectives each month. Enjoy!

When I chose the topic of “Why I Love Australia” for the first Australia blog roundtable, the general response was that it would be easy to write about.

fraser oceanIt is an easy prompt because loving Australia is really not hard at all! Ask any traveler and they will most likely have had a wonderful jaunt Down Under; some even do what they can to stay as long as possible, or move permanently! I, for one, have had a very personal and long-standing love for Australia, one that started long before I ever stepped foot inside the country. From the day-dreaming in high school of becoming a traveling photographer/surfer in Oz, to the planning of my round-the-world travels to end with a working holiday visa, even further on to meeting the love of my life – an Aussie bloke – over in Europe… yes, Australia has been a positive light.

And, it is a place that doesn’t disappoint when travelers, after years of dreaming, finally arrive.

One of the first things that struck me was how laid-back the culture is in Australia. I mean, you probably hear this a lot, but it is very true. Aussies are laid-back, even the city folk who think that Sydney living is over-the-top and fast-paced. To an extent, yes, but still, there is that “no worries” attitude frolicking in the background. Problems? What problems? It will always work out, eventually, so why not relax, grab a beer and have a barbie in the meantime.




I love this aspect of the culture. Even with about 22 million people in a massive country, Australians have a way of making it feel like you are a part of a small community (there hasn’t been the need to “try” to blend in).

But it doesn’t stop there.

survivor magnetic island

Magnetic Island is the type of place you'd take a raft to... and not leave.

I actually find this hard to explain in words and phrases that aren’t completely cliche. Maybe this can help:

When I was on a recent media trip in Queensland with some American travel writers, the American PR representative actually told me that she couldn’t believe I get to live here.


Here, in Australia.

With nearly 3 years of living here under my belt, I am sadly a little jaded by this amazing opportunity. It’s not until I’m sitting face-to-face with an out of this world type of scenery that I’m put back in my place. Like the time my boyfriend and I extended our stay on Magnetic Island two extra nights because we loved the secluded jungle/beach vibe. Or, like the time I went on a spiritual journey with Guurrbi tours in Cooktown, and the other adventure of riding the Indian Pacific for 3 days across the entire country.

dust twisters

From beaches to barren outback.

I am put back in awe’s arms, marveling at the natural beauty of Australia – and thankful I am so lucky to do just that.

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5 thoughts on “Australia Blog Roundtable: Why I Love Australia

  • jade

    Great post! I love Australia, too, and could probably write many love notes to that fantastic country! cant’ wait to read the others in this series.

  • Ian [EagerExistence]

    We’re not called ‘the lucky country’ for nothing 😉
    Sometimes I have to spend a few months out of the country to realise just how good we have it, and yes, everyone does ask “what are you doing here?? you’re from Australia!” …especially in North-Western Europe.

  • Caz makepeace

    It’s been great to do this roundtable with you Brooke. I’ve been a little jaded by my own country as well so it was great to reflect and realize just how wonderful it is.

  • Nicole

    Hey Brooke! I love the post, and the good opinions of magnetic island. My friend is taking me there when I head to QLD in Feb. That’s the other aspect of Australia I love. Everyone has been really nice and inviting. The aussie I met on the flight over? I’m crashing at their’s for a weekend just to see a new town. Aussies always seem very open and accommodating with travelers, making sure they’re having a good stay and seeing all the best sites. 🙂

  • Amanda

    Hi Brooke,

    Loving this series and slowly getting around to leave a comment on all the participating blogs.

    Your article really brings out the welcoming, hospitable nature of Australians. And yes, we really are that friendly!

    We try to meet up with travellers /Twitter friends coming through Alice Springs and even take them camping to secret outback spots and help them with meeting Aboriginal people & learn more about our incredible national parks (there’s much more than just Uluru/Ayers Rock here).

    So thanks for engineering this series and getting the word about Australia.

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