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The Indian Pacific’s Red Gum Lounge

The key to enduring a long train trip across Australia on the Indian Pacific is to find a place you are comfortable to hang out. So, if you are in a Red Sleeper cabin, sitting knee to knee with someone right across from you and just feel like you need to stretch out, I recommend heading to the Red Gum […]

red gum lounge

train window and computer

Indian Pacific Train: Will I have Internet or Phone Connection?

I talk about the connectivity in Australia quite a bit, pretty much because it isn’t the best in the world. Having Internet in some parts of the country is a luxury still, and mobile phone connection is no different. Last year, when I took a trip to Broken Hill with my partner, I was on Vodafone and he was on […]

The Indian Pacific’s Whistle Stop Tours

When you’re taking a train, specifically the Indian Pacific train, across the entire country of Australia – a ride that lasts for 65 hours – you are really going to want to get out and stretch your legs on normal ground whenever the opportunity arises. Great Southern Rail understands that, and that’s why they’ve put together little whistle stop tours […]

indian pacific in adelaide station

Indian Pacific Whistle Stop Tours: Cook, The Nullarbor Plain

Somewhere along the lines on the 2nd day of the Indian Pacific train ride, you’ll get the chance to experience a real ghost town in the outback. There are literally only a handful of people that live in Cook today, but at one time it was a pretty popular settlement along the train line. Being located 1100km from Adelaide and […]

cook station

broken hill tour bus

Indian Pacific Whistle Stop Tours: Broken Hill, The Silver City

It’s a crazy long journey (65 hours to be exact) on the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, so most people are going to want to get out and stretch their legs, and maybe even learn a thing or two about the town they have just arrived in. Broken Hill is the first stop off (an hour long) on the […]

indian pacific train at Sydney

The Indian Pacific Railway: Brief History

Imagine yourself on one train that takes you in just 3 days from the east coast of Australia to the west. The fact that this epic overland journey is possible might not be so surprising. What is surprising is that the first journey of this kind, on one standard gauge of rail line, didn’t happen until 1970. No, the Indian […]