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Cheap flights to USA

If you’re planning on going to the USA later this year, here’s a cheap way to get there from Qantas: Brisbane – Los Angeles 20,000 points off Award flights between Brisbane and Los Angeles just 60,000 points* (+ from A$95^) return Economy Award flights only

More Than Just a Stereotype

On the BootsnAll boards, there was a thread about stupid questions asked about your country. In it, people talked about travelers asking if South Africans had lions as pets and Texans owned guns. One of the most popular questions Australians were asked was about pet kangaroos. Imagine my shock a few years ago when I learned my friend’s mother actually […]

Look, up in the sky!

Did anyone else in the Brisbane region see a fireball streaking across the sky during the early hours (we’re talking 5-ish) of Sunday morning? I won’t go into the details of how I happened to still be awake from the night before, but the three other people I was with saw it too. Bron had the presense of mind to […]

Canberra, ACT

Canberra is Australia’s political capital and is part of the Australia Capital Territory. Like Washington D.C., it is not a state but a seperate political center. It is home to a variety of national monuments and museums. Although Canberra is the seat of the government, and home to more than 300,000 people, the city has a laid back feel that […]

Visa Options

If you wish to work in Australia, cross your fingers and then check out this list. Those who hold citizenship in the countries listed are eligible for the Working Holiday Makers Visa. This visa is for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who live or hold citizenship in countries that have agreements with Australia, a majority of […]

Work and Money Tips

So you have the ticket, the visa and the rucksack. Now what? Thousands of backpackers flock to Australia each year. Many of these travelers underestimate the time required to find a job and many more overestimate how long their savings will last them. Here’s how the average backpackers can maximize their time, travel and money in Australia. Prep Before You […]

Aboriginal Issues

There are a number of cultural, historical and ethical issues facing the contemporary Aboriginal community in Australia. Listed below are a few of the current debates. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Preservation of Language and Culture: Many Aboriginal communities and languages no longer exist due to genocide, disease and assimilation. Recent generations have pushed for bilingual education […]

Aboriginal Languages

It is unknown how many Aboriginal languages once existed. Some researchers estimate there were once more than 600 different Aboriginal languages in Australia. After colonization, years of oppression and the aging of native speakers, only about 150 remain, many of which are only spoken by a handful of elders. Recent movements have pressured for the introduction of Aboriginal language classes […]